A last missing link for interoperable representation

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Wed Jan 9 18:45:31 CST 2019

On 1/9/19 12:33 AM, David Starner via Unicode wrote:
> Is there any way to preserve The Art of Computer Programming except as 
> a PDF or its TeX sources? Grabbing a different book near me, I don't 
> see any way to preserve them except as full-color paged reproductions. 
> Looking at one data format, it uses bold, italics, and inversion 
> (white on black), in sans-serif, serif and script fonts; certainly in 
> lines like "<b>Treasure</b> standard (+1 <i>starknife</i>)", offering 
> "Treasure standard (+1 <i>starknife</i>)" is completely insufficient.
> Can some books be mostly handled with Unicode plain text and italics? 
> Sure. HTML can handle them quite nicely. I'd say even them will have 
> headers that are typographically distinguished and should optimally be 
> marked in a transcription.

The line I used to say about this is “there’s no such thing as plain 
text on paper.”  The concept of “plain text” vs markup or styling is 
purely in the digital domain.  On physical artifacts, it’s just ink on 
wood-pulp, and the only “real” description of the page is a graphic image.


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