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Sat Feb 9 07:12:03 CST 2019

Previously I wrote:

> A stateful method, though which might be useful for plain text streams 
> in some applications, would be to encode as characters some of the 
> glyphs for indicating colours and the digit characters to go with them 
> from page 5 and from page 3 of the following publication.

> http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/locse027.pdf

Thinking about this further, for this application copies of the glyphs 
could be redesigned so as to be square and could be emoji-style and the 
meanings of the characters specifying which colour component is to be 
set could be changed so that they refer to the number previously entered 
using one or more  of the special  digit characters. Thus the setting of 
colour components could be done in the same reverse notation way that 
the FORTH computer language works. Yet although the colour components 
thus set would be stateful until changed there would be no Escape 
sequence and if an application did not support interpretation of the 
characters as setting colours, they would just be displayed as glyphs, 
each either as a particular glyph or as a .notdef glyph.

William Overington
Saturday 9 February 2019

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