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Actually not all  U+E0020 through U+E007E are "un-deprecated" for this use.

For now emoji flags only use:
- U+E0041 through U+E005A (mapping to ASCII letters A through Z used in
2-letter ISO3166-1 codes). These are usable in pairs, without requiring any
modifier (and only for ISO3166-1 registered codes).
- I think that U+0030 through U+E0039 (mapping to ASCII digits 0 through 9)
are reserved for ISO3166 extensions, started with only the 3 "countries"
added in the United Kingdom ("ENENG", "ENSCO" and "ENWLS"), with possible
pending additions for other ISO3166-2, but not mapping any dash separator).
These tags are used as modifiers in sequences starting by a leading U+1F3F4
BLACK FLAG) emoji.
- U+E007F (CANCEL TAG) is already used too for the regional extensions as a
mandatory terminator, as seen in the three British countries. It is not
used for country flags made of 2-letter emoji codes without any leading
flag emoji.

And the proposal discussed here to use U+E003C, mapped to the ASCII "<"
LOWER THAN as a leading tag sequence for reencoding HTML tags in sequences
terminated by U+E003E ">" (and containing HTML element names using
lowercase letter tags, possibly digit tags in these names, and "/" for HTML
tags terminator, possibly also U+E0020 SPACE TAG for separating HTML
attributes, U+003D "=" for attribute values, U+E0022 (') or U+E0027 (")
around attribute values, but a problem if the mapped element names or
attributes contain non-ASCII characters...) is not standard (it's just an
experiment in one font), and would in fact not be compatible with the
existing specification for tags.

So only E+E0020 through U+E0040, and U+E005B through U+E007E remain

Le ven. 1 févr. 2019 à 23:26, Doug Ewell via Unicode <unicode at>
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> Richard Wordingham wrote:
> > Language tagging is already available in Unicode, via the tag
> > characters in the deprecated plane.
> Plane 14 isn't deprecated -- that isn't a property of planes -- and the
> tag characters U+E0020 through U+E007E have been un-deprecated for use
> with emoji flags. Only U+E0001 LANGUAGE TAG and U+E007F CANCEL TAG are
> deprecated.
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