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Fri Dec 20 09:17:37 CST 2019

On the matter of my document proposing using Variation Selector 14 for 
requesting an italic glyph for a letter, Unicode Inc. has also published 
a Notice of Non-Approval.


It is indeed interesting that the Notice of Non-Approval itself uses 
italics for emphasis in two places.

That text, at the present time, cannot be expressed in Unicode plain 
text with the emphasis that the Notice of Non-Approval includes.

Readers of my two original documents on the topic may like to observe 
that I did not in any way suggest that the specialised italic characters 
for some mathematical uses are a precedent for the proposal that I 

Here is a link to a PDF (Portable Document Format) document produced 
earlier today of a song that I wrote earlier this year that mentions 


I still consider that the proposal is a good idea, but the decision has 
been emphatically made, so I have moved on.

William Overington

Friday 20 December 2019

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