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Wed Dec 18 07:43:06 CST 2019

I think that as your object is emoji drawing, not mathematics, this request
be justified that way.

Maybe it would make more sense to try and check whether modification
characters to shift the change the combined character into other
weight/decoration/color and/or other
character effects could be built, that could be used not only along emoji,
but with all other characters.

Currently those transforms require the use of another text protocol, like
HTML, or ANSI sequences
for terminal, or even proprietary and add-hoc text file structures like
Microsoft's .doc and .rtf (and other
not that proprietary, but equally dependant on specific software to be
proper rendered, like .ooxml and .odf).

Since modificator characters for color and others have been tried and
tested in Unicode land for
some emojis, the ball to have in-unicode proper character transforms could
start to roll -

Does anyone know if there is already an initiative like that? I'd like to
know more about it.

(as for the O.P.: I think the way out for you now is to use an
out-of-unicode markup
to select a heavier-looking font for the `+` and `=` characters)


On Wed, 18 Dec 2019 at 09:42, Marius Spix via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>

> Unicode has a HEAVY PLUS SIGN (U+2795) and a HEAVY MINUS SIGN (U+2796).
> I wonder, if a HEAVY EQUALS SIGN could complete that character set.
> This would allow emoji phrases like �� ➕��= ❤️. (man plus cat equals
> love) looking typographically better, when you replace the equals sign
> with a new HEAVY EQUALS SIGN character. Thoughts?
> Marius
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