Proposal to add Roman transliteration schemes to ISO 15924.

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> But that says that the definitions are at
>> ,
>> but all one currently gets from that is an error message 'XML Parsing
>> Error: no element found'.
> Yes - that needs to be fixed (+markdavis at - could you please? )
> shows iast!

FYI A working link to the version in the latest release is

The subtag I would use for IAST seems to be:
> sa-Latn-t-sa-m0-iast ( is unable to
> confirm that the extension
> <>
> t-sa-m0-iast  is all right though.. Could someone confirm?)

I assume that the second "sa" is unnecessary, but I am not very familiar
with the -t- extension.

Then, the next step seems to be to propose to add the below to
> :
> ISO 15919, Kyoto-Harvard, ITRANS, Velthuis, SLP1, WX, National Library at
> Kolkata romanisation
> How to proceed with that?

I would start with filing a CLDR ticket:

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