Latin Script Danda

Shriramana Sharma via Unicode unicode at
Fri Apr 19 01:03:35 CDT 2019

We are using the pipe character as it is readily available in our
favourite Latin script fonts. See for example:

It would be ideal for Sanskrit/Indic text in IAST/ISO to be
displayable/printable using any common Latin font which is found
typographically pleasant. For instance the font I have used in that
Twitter post is Gentium Basic. I use this font for most of my Latin
script publication purposes (including Unicode documents) and it
contains the pipe character but it does not contain Devanagari

It would be difficult to canvas Latin font vendors to include the
Devanagari characters 0964/0965 on a small technicality of character

Is there a particular reason it's *really* necessary to include Latn
in the script extension property of 0964/0965?

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