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Note: CLDR concentrates on keyboard layout for text input. Layouts for
other functions (such as copy-pasting, gaming controls) are completely
different (and not necessarily bound directly to layouts for text, as they
may also have their own dedicated physical keys or users can reprogram
their keyboard for this; for gaming, softwares should all have a way to
customize the layout according to users need, and should provide
reasonnable defaults for at least the 3 base layouts: QWERTY, AZERTY and
QWERTZ, but I've never seen any game whose UI was tuned for Dvorak)

Le lun. 17 sept. 2018 à 16:42, Marcel Schneider <charupdate at> a
écrit :

> On 17/09/18 05:38 Martin J. Dürst wrote:
> [quote]
> >
> > From my personal experience: A few years ago, installing a Dvorak
> > keyboard (which is what I use every day for typing) didn't remap the
> > control keys, so that Ctrl-C was still on the bottom row of the left
> > hand, and so on. For me, it was really terrible.
> >
> > It may not be the same for everybody, but my experience suggests that it
> > may be similar for some others, and that therefore such a mapping should
> > only be voluntary, not default.
> Got it, thanks!
> Regards,
> Marcel
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