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Thu Sep 6 19:22:46 CDT 2018

Hello. This may be slightly OT for this list but I'm asking it here as it
concerns computer usage with multiple scripts and i18n:

1) Are shortcuts like Ctrl+C changed as per locale? I mean Ctrl+T for
"tout" io Ctrl+A for "all"?

2) How about when the shortcuts are the Alt+ combinations referring to
underlined letters in actual user visible strings?

3) In a QWERTZ layout for Undo should one still press the (dislocated wrt
the other XCV shortcuts) Z key or the Y key which is in the physical
position of the QWERTY Z key (and close to the other XCV shortcuts)?

4) How are shortcuts handled in the case of non Latin keyboards like
Cyrillic or Japanese?

4a) I mean how are they displayed on screen?

4b) Like #1 above, are they changed per language?

4c) Like #2 above, how about for user visible shortcuts?

(In India since English is an associate official language, most computer
users are at least conversant with basic English so we use the
English/QWERTY shortcuts even if the keyboard physically shows an Indic

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