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Mon Sep 3 04:03:31 CDT 2018

Janusz S. Bień wrote,

> Thanks for the link. I found especially interesting the Polish section
> in
> Looks like a complete rubbish, e.g.
> plmp = Federal Capital Territory(???) = Pomerania (Latin/English name of
> Pomorze) transliterated into the Greek alphabet (and something in
> Arabic).

And nothing in Armenian, Albanian, or Pashto.

If you click on the link at "plpm", it takes you right back to that
same entry on that same page, which doesn't seem very helpful.

> The header of the page says "The coverage depends on the availability of
> data in wikidata for these names" but I was unable to find this rubbish
> in Wikidata (but I was not looking very hard).

I tried both "plpm" and "Πομερανία" in the Wikidata search box.  On
the latter, there were some pages which looked to translate place
names into various languages, for both Germany and Poland.  I couldn't
find the exact page, but it would be something like this page:

(Clicking "All Entered Languages" on that page gives a lengthy list.)

>>> > and we really
>>> > need to go through the data and correct the many many errors, please.
> But who is the right person or institution to do it?

If the CLDR information is driven by Wikidata as the file header
indicates, then Wikidata.

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