A sign/abbreviation for "magister"

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Tue Oct 30 12:51:22 CDT 2018

Marcel Schneider wrote:

> This use case is different from the use case that led to submit
> the L2/18-206 proposal, cited by Dr Ewell on 29/10/2018 at 20:29:

I guess this is intended as a compliment. While many of the people you
quoted do have doctoral degrees, many others of us do not.

> E.g. small caps is out of scope, given the postcard writer did not
> write the names in small caps, that in Latin script are merely a
> stylistic convention intended for scientific publication and so on —
> while Cyrillic script currently uses “small caps” to write in
> lowercase.

You're joking, right?

Аа Бб Ее Рр

This undermines a lot of what you are claiming to know about writing
systems, and about the difference between case distinctions and styling.

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