A sign/abbreviation for "magister"

Michael Everson via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sun Oct 28 16:47:44 CDT 2018

I think that it is the _superscription_ that indicates the fact that it is an abbreviation. 

In English “þe" was written “ye” and and “yͤ” “yᵉ” and the last of these might have a dot or a line or a squiggle underneath it, or not, and in no case was that dot or line or squiggle either _meaningful_ or necessary.

Michael Everson

> On 28 Oct 2018, at 21:43, Piotr Karocki <pkar at ieee.org> wrote:
>> The squiggle in your sample, Janusz, does not indicate anything; it is only a decoration, and the abbreviation is the same without it.
> I disagreee. This squiggle means "warning, this is abbreviation", and is
> present in many abbreviations in many centuries (sometimes, although,
> 'abbrev symbol' is rendered differently). So yes, it is important symbol and
> shouldn't be lost in transliteration.
> Piotr Karocki

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