Fallback for Sinhala Consonant Clusters

Richard Wordingham via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Oct 15 14:57:25 CDT 2018

On Tue, 16 Oct 2018 02:47:36 +1100
Harshula via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:

> Note, touching letters are formed by <ZWJ><AL-LAKUNA>, so they should
> not be displayed as a fallback for <AL-LAKUNA><ZWJ> conjuncts.

I don't follow that.  While the conjuncts with r-, -r and -y are very
different to pairs of touching letters, the conjuncts for tth, nd, ndr,
ndh, kv and tv would be very similar to the hypothetical corresponding
touching letters and quite different to the fallbacks with visible


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