Dealing with Georgian capitalization in programming languages

Ken Whistler via Unicode unicode at
Tue Oct 9 14:49:09 CDT 2018


On 10/9/2018 12:47 AM, Martin J. Dürst via Unicode wrote:
> - Using the 'capitalize' method to (try to) get the titlecase
>   property of a MTAVRULI character. (There's no other way
>   currently in Ruby to get the titlecase property.)
> There may be others. If you have some ideas, I'd appreciate to know 
> about them.
> This lets me wonder why the UTC didn't simply declare the titlecase 
> property of MTAVRULI to be mkhedruli. Was this considered or not? The 
> way things are currently set up, there seems to be no benefit of 
> MTAVRULI being its own titlecase, because in actual use, that requires 
> additional processing.

Titlecasing for Georgian was not completely thought through before 
Mtavruli was added. As I noted in my earlier comment on this thread, the 
titlecase mapping values for Mkhredruli were added late in the process, 
when it became clear that not doing so would result in inappropriate 
outcomes for existing Mkhredruli text.

I don't think there is a fully-worked out position on this, but adding a 
Simple_Titlecase mapping for Mtavruli to Mkhedruli would, I suspect, 
just further muddy waters for implementers, because it would be in 
effect saying that an uppercase letter titlecases by shifting to its 
lowercase mapping. A headscratcher, at the very least.

Note that with the current mappings as they are, Changes_When_Titlecased 
is False for all Mkhedruli and for all Mtavruli characters, which I 
think is the desired state of affairs. A titlecasing string operation of 
Mtavruli that does something other than just leave the string alone 
should, IMO, be documented as doing something extra and *should* have to 
do additional processing.


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