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There hasn't even been a response yet from the UTC members regarding the
evidence they requested for encoding FOUR-BY-FOUR CHECKER BOARD as a
distinct character from MEDIUM SHADE. They are most likely busy with other
Unicode business and/or their personal lives. These things take time. Be

-- Rebecca Bettencourt

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> In the minutes of the recent meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee,
> document there is the following.
> quote
> E.2 Proposal to add characters from legacy computers and teletext to the
> UCS [Ewell, et al, L2/18-275R]
> On phone: Doug Ewell.
> Discussion. UTC took no action at this time.
> end quote
> Could someone possibly say please why the teletext graphics characters
> have still not been encoded as the change requested to their proposed
> encoding by the Unicode Technical Committee had been made and a revised
> document submitted before at least two of the previous meetings of the
> Unicode Technical Committee took place?
> Do the teletext graphics characters need to be resubmitted in a proposal
> document on their own for them to become encoded?
> As teletext is a great United Kingdom invention, does it need the United
> Kingdom National Body to propose their inclusion directly to the
> International Standards Organization?
> William Overington
> Monday 1 October 2018
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