Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode unicode at
Sat Nov 10 20:24:34 CST 2018

Oh yeah, fun fact about this document that I linked at the outset: I 
found it like 10 years ago when researching something unrelated... it 
apparently is a ruling opposing an earlier announcement by another group 
of Rabbis, declaring it void.  And looking at the rabbis they say are 
supporting them in this decision, I see they mention Rabbi Joseph Rosen, 
chief Rabbi of "Wisloch".  And I think to myself, "How interesting.  I 
have a great-grandfather who was named Rabbi Joseph Rosen, chief Rabbi 
of a town called Swisloch" (with an S; presumably an error in the 
pamphlet.)  I checked with my father; the timing is about right, would 
have been shortly before he came to America.  The Internet moves in 
mysterious ways.


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