A sign/abbreviation for "magister"

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Fri Nov 2 02:16:35 CDT 2018

Asmus Freytag wrote,

 > Alphabetic script users' handwriting does not match
 > print in all features. Traditional German handwriting
 > used a line like a macron over the letter 'u' to
 > distinguish it from 'n'. Rendering this with a
 > u-macron in print would be the height of absurdity.

If German text were displayed with a traditional German handwriting 
(cursive) font, then every "u" would display with a macron.  (Except the 
ones with umlauts.)  That's because the macron is part and parcel of the 
identity of the stylistic variant (cursive) of the letter, not because 
the addition of the macron makes a stylistic variation.  It would indeed 
be silly to encode such macrons in data derived from a traditional 
German handwriting specimen.  Hopefully most everyone here agrees with that.

We all seem to accept that, for example, d = <i>d</i> = <b>d</b> = <font 

We all don't seem to agree that d # d̲. Or that "Mr." # "Mr" # "Mʳ" # 
"Mʳ͇" # "M:r".

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