Uppercase ß

Werner LEMBERG via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Tue May 29 16:46:21 CDT 2018

>> * `ß' is never used in Switzerland; it's always `ss' (and `SS').
>>   [...]
> So the Swiss don't have that issue. What do they do for names?

Foreign names containing `ß' are treated as-is, AFAIK.  It's similar
to using, say, accents in some foreign names in English.

>>   For such cases, `GESCHOSS' is a much better uppercase version
>>   since it covers both dialectic forms.

... and Swiss people would use the same uppercase version...

> I don't see the claimed benefit; [...]
> Users who will end up "resolving" this would be those who grew up
> only with the revised orthography.


>> I very much dislike the approach that just for the sake of
>> `simplistic standardization for uppercase' the use if `ẞ' should be
>> enforced in German.  [...]
> Hmm, don't see anyone calling for that in this discussion.

Well, I hear an implicit ”Great, there is now an `ẞ' character!  Let's
use it as the uppercase version of `ß' everywhere so that this nasty
German peculiarity is finally gone.“

Maybe it's only me...


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