Re: Major vendors changing U+1F52B PISTOL �� depiction from firearm to squirt gun

Christoph Päper via Unicode unicode at
Thu May 24 15:28:51 CDT 2018

Abe Voelker:
> I'm curious if there has been any discussion on all the major vendors
> changing this emoji's depiction? (

Curiously, this happened right before UTC 155 in a possibly concerted (but at least not independent) manner by Twitter and Google at least. My comments on PRI 356 (UTS 51.11) from 17 April already seem outdated. 


>From the single-line feedback I've received, it seems the issue has not been discussed at the meeting in late April. (I've yet to review the minutes.) I'm suggesting ZWJ sequences to distinguish between a firearm  (��☠️) and a toy (����) for PISTOL. This does not solve the valid compatibility concerns.

> As a user I find it troublesome because previous messages I've sent using
> this character on these platforms may now be interpreted differently due to
> the changed representation.

We must discourage the perception that emojis are only used in volatile text messages (often in walled-garden systems) and tweets. They also appear in texts that are meant to be read in the future as well.

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