preliminary proposal: New Unicode characters for Arabic music half-flat and half-sharp symbols

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> Dear Unicode list members,
> I wish to get feedback about a new symbol submission proposal.

Just to clarify, this is a discussion list where you may get some useful
feedback. This is not where you would submit an actual proposal.


I am proposing the addition of 2 new characters to the Musical Symbols
> table:
> - the half-flat sign (lowers a note by a quarter tone)
> - the half-sharp sign (raises a note by a quarter tone)

In an actual proposal, I would expect a discussion of whether you are
proposing to encode established symbols, or whether you are proposing new
symbols to be adopted by the community (in which case Unicode would
probably wait & see if they get established).

A proposal should also show evidence of usage and glyph variations.

Best regards,
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