Choosing the Set of Renderable Strings

James Kass via Unicode unicode at
Tue May 15 05:18:11 CDT 2018

Richard Wordingham replied,

>> ...Private Use Area...
> That's what the Xishuangbanna News does for final consonants.

I failed to find a link for their web site, but only spent about an
hour and a half searching for it.  There is a web site for
"Xishuangbanna Daily", but the pages I saw there were all in Chinese.

If Xishuangbanna News is publishing using PUA, then they probably
offer a font for download.  I was just curious to see what their web
pages looked like, and wondered how pervasive the PUA use is.  If
their site only resorts to PUA for final consonants, then a
presumption would be that the USE supports all other shaping
requirements for the script.

> My issues are generally not with producing the right image,
> but rather with enabling the semantically correct sequence
> of characters.

Because you started out with all the Tai Tham glyphs mapped to the
PUA, and are now trying to produce a working font using the standard

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