Unicode 11.0 and 12.0 Cover Design Art

Andre Schappo via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Mar 12 09:30:39 CDT 2018

One of my project students has an art gallery as a client ➜ surfacegallery.org<http://surfacegallery.org> This gallery is also a focal point for a collective of local artists.

This morning I had a project meeting with this student. I suggested that surface gallery artists might like to submit entries.

I showed the Unicode character set to the student and she was well impressed. I also suggested possible cover design art.

The basic principle of my suggestions was that the artwork should be constructed from Unicode characters and only Unicode characters. My suggestions included: plants, animals, portraits, cityscape, zoo, farm ...etc... If the artists collective use my suggestions then the unicode cover artwork they submit will most definitely feature Unicode.

Recent Unicode cover artwork has not featured Unicode (well not in any way that I can determine) and I think it should and it should feature it prominently and obviously.

I do not know who or how the artwork is judged but I think it would be good if members of this list could vote on the submitted cover artwork.

André Schappo

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