Unicode Emoji 11.0 characters now ready for adoption!

Philippe Verdy via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Mar 8 19:17:32 CST 2018

This still leaves the question about how to write personal names !
IDS alone cannot represent them without enabling some "reasonable"
ligaturing (they don't have to match the exact strokes variants for optimal
placement, or with all possible simplifications).
I'm curious to know how China, Taiwan, Singapore or Japan handle this (for
official records or in banks): like our personal signatures (as digital
images), and then using a simplified official record (including the
registration of romanized names)?

2018-03-09 0:06 GMT+01:00 Richard Wordingham via Unicode <
unicode at unicode.org>:

> On Thu, 08 Mar 2018 09:42:38 +0800
> via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
> > to the best of my knowledge virtually no new characters used just for
> > names are under consideration, all the ones that are under
> > consideration are from before this century.
> What I was interested in was the rate of generation of new
> CJK characters in general, not just those for names.  I appreciate that
> encoding is dominated by the backlog of older characters.
> Richard.
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