Unicode Emoji 11.0 characters now ready for adoption!

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Mar 1 05:11:58 CST 2018

Here's a good opening line:

"The Unicode Standard encodes scripts rather than languages."


But, quoting from this page:


" ... and provide universal access for the world's languages—past,
present, and future. The Consortium lays the groundwork to enable
universal access by encoding the characters for the world’s languages,

That's inaccurate.  Languages don't use characters, technically.  It's
more about providing universal access for the world's communication,
data, and history.  You know, the sum of mankind's knowledge that's
been digitized so far.  Unicode encodes the characters used for the
world's computer data interchange and storage systems.

Salesmen and techies have different requirements for accuracy, however.

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