Reminder Ribbon U+1F397

Daniel R. Tobias via Unicode unicode at
Thu Jun 21 18:46:41 CDT 2018

The Unicode standard for the Reminder Ribbon character (U+1F397) does 
not appear to specify or suggest a color for the ribbon (the glyph 
shown in the code chart is black, like other characters there). 
Platforms that support this character among the other emojis do 
however assign a color to it, as seen in character pick lists as well 
as where the character is shown in sent or received messages. This, 
however, is not done with any consistency; different platforms have 
used yellow, blue, and red ribbons, as shown here:

Different colors have different associations when used in various 
campaigns and movements; some are listed here:

This can produce confusion when somebody uses the character (e.g., in 
a tweet or text message) in association with a campaign that uses the 
color that happens to match that used in the sender's platform (for 
instance, yellow ribbons have been in current use to call for release 
of Catalan prisoners held by Spain) but a reader of the message on a 
different platform sees it differently, with a color that might have 
different associations.

Perhaps a larger set of ribbon characters, with defined colors for 
each, is called for? Or is this better done by creating composite 
characters with the existing ribbon character combined with a 
color-specifying code point?

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