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I’m unable to decide whether I should cancel this myself or do nothing. If there is no use in posting, 
the better. Anyway I’ve nothing more to tell on any list, as UTC isn’t interested in fixing the bidi 
legibility issue I’ve pointed out, and won’t probably be interested in deprecating U+2010 for not 
misleading font designers. Additionally some people post false allegations at my expense and start 
getting insultant, confusing Unicode Public with a WG2 meeting in the nineties, despite of all that 
having been discussed off-list past year.

On Tue, 12 Jun 2018 19:49:10 +0200, Mark Davis ☕️ via Unicode wrote:
> People interested in this topic should 
> (a) start up their own project somewhere else,
> (b) take discussion of it off this list,
> (c) never bring it up again on this list.

Thank you for letting us know. I apologize for my e-mailing. I didn’t respond in the wake for a variety of 
reasons while immediately fully agreeing, of course as I had mainly wondered why I got no feedback when 
I’d lastly terminated a thread turning likewise, but no matter anymore.
No problem, as far as it belongs to me, this topic will never be read again here nor elsewhere.

Sorry again.

Best regards,


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