Hyphenation Markup

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Jun 2 15:33:01 CDT 2018

Richard Wordingham wrote:

>> What about U+200B ZWSP?
> Thanks for the suggestion, but it's not likely to work:

Are you asking what schemes exist, or are you trying to call attention 
to some rendering engine and/or font that doesn't render a combination 
as it should?

> 1) In the sequence
> <letter-0, character-1, ZWSP, character-2, letter-1>
> realisation of the break should definitely result in <letter-0,
> character-1> on one line and in <character-2, letter-1> on the next
> line, whereas in visual order, character-2 should precede character-1.

This is too general for me to parse. Can you replace these hypotheticals 
with actual characters, using code points, or at least with actual 
General Categories? For example, an 'Mc' followed by ZWSP followed by an 
'Lo' displays like such-and-so. The code points would be best.

> Incidentally, does CLDR define the rendering of soft hyphen, or is one
> entirely at the mercy of the application?

Why would this be a CLDR thing?

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