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Could you please comment how the samples in photos prove that it is not small caps? N4712 does not contain analysis on that, only statements. (Simple assertions that it is correct will add nothing to what is already stated in N4712.)

The difference between Latin small caps and "capitals" is only size. For example, "PK" letters are scaled up versions of "ᴘᴋ". But the capital letters are not just enlarged versions of the lowercase letters. If we compare "PK" and "pk", we can see, that the lowercase letter "k" has a different shape to uppercase "K" and the lowercase "p" falls below baseline.

Like this, Georgian Mtavruli letters are not just scaled up versions of Mkhedruli letters. They have different proportions, shapes, ascenders and descenders.

Mtavruli is NOT style or "large caps" of Mkhedruli. Mtavruli is case.

There is no orthographic use of case in the modern Georgian. Emphatic, casual, expressive -- yes, but not orthographic. Neither N4712 shows that, nor you provide an example here.

These rules are not formally codified and not taught in school, because all caps is not used in handwriting. But all typewriter machines were equipped with Mkhedruli and Mtavruli letters. It means, that Mtavruli letters are and have been widely used for text typing. The computer is the direct descendant of the typewriter and its very important, that we get back the opportunity to type the text in Mtavruli script.

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