Unicode 11 Georgian uppercase vs. fonts

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> > To get back to Markus' original question on how to handle this for
> > ICU: it seems more and more that Georgian should be exempted from
> > standard library functions and that a new function needs to be added
> > that just transforms Georgian and leaves all other scripts alone (or
> > one that takes a language/local parameter).
> No.  Lower-casing and title-casing work fine (unless there is a
> problem with Khutsuri).

There is no problem with Khutsuri, as Asomtavruli/Khutsuri pair is a normal
uppercase/lowercase pair. Despite many Khutsuri texts tend to use
Asomtavruli in the way the modern Georgian use Mtavruli (either lowercase
or ALL CAPS), title case is very common for Khutsuri (during the whole
period of 11th-20th centuries, which is more than enough). So, both Word
and WORD are correct for Khutsuri. However, Title Case in the modern
Georgian text is an explicit error (but it will keep readability, of

*> The long-term question is whether it should be split into upper-casing
that has no effect on> Georgian and emphatic-casing that also affects
Georgian. *

This would be a good solution with Mtavruli being encoded.

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