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> > Then how can you prove it is a case and not a stylistic variation? Let's
> compare with a case of Hebrew or Arabic, for example.
> Well, go ahead. Compare it. Show some example of Hebrew or Arabic that is
> consistent with the evidence we have shown.
> 1) Show evidence of titlecasing in Hebrew or Arabic.
> 2) Show evidence of ALL CAPS in Hebrew or Arabic.
> 3) Show evidence of small caps in Hebrew or Arabic.
> You won’t be able to, because there is no case in Hebrew or Arabic.

This implicitly asserts that caps are shown on the samples in N4712. But
casing means there is a distinction between upper and lower case, however
§8 of N4712 actually re-affirms that there is no distinction in Georgian.
that is exactly what I am talking about: I do not see how the assumed
existence of cases in the modern(!!) Georgian (please, do not refer to
those 19th-century samples here, I am asking about the modern script state)
is following from N4712.

> The structure of the Georgian script is casing. The modern standard
> orthographic use made of case is unique to Georgian. This was easy to
> describe.

There is no orthographic use of case in the modern Georgian. Emphatic,
casual, expressive -- yes, but not orthographic. Neither N4712 shows that,
nor you provide an example here.

> N4712 describes the two kinds of orthographic rules which have been used
> for Georgian. To summarize again:
> A) Modern Georgian orthography uses lowercase letters always, unless
> uppercase letters are used in which all the letters in the word are
> uppercase.

This brings us back to the question of caps vs. stylistic variation. So,
better to leave it to the first thread (if any).

> > What do you mean by "orthographic", by the way -- simply a habit of
> writing, or whether a written text is correct or not?
> “Orthography” is the same thing as “spelling”.

Then yes, my points are correct.
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