Missing UAX#31 tests?

Karl Williamson via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Jul 7 23:52:28 CDT 2018

I am working on upgrading from Unicode 10 to Unicode 11.

I used all the new files.

The algorithms for some of the boundaries, like GCB and WB, have changed 
so that some of the property values no longer have code points 
associated with them.

I ran the tests furnished in 11.0 for these boundaries, without having 
changed the algorithms from earlier releases.  All passed 100%.

Unless I'm missing something, that indicates that the tests furnished in 
11.0 do not contain instances that exercise these changes.  My guess is 
that the 10.0 tests were also deficient.

I have been relying on the UCD to furnish tests that have enough 
coverage to sufficiently exercise the algorithms that are specified in 
UAX 31, but that appears to have been naive on my part

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