In the mean time, in France (was Re: 0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?)

Denis Jacquerye via Unicode unicode at
Sat Jan 27 04:22:22 CST 2018

In the mean time, in France, a municipality is refusing to let a baby be
registered with an apostrophe in his Breton name while several babies have
had apostrophes in their names in recent years : 2017 N'néné (F), 2017
Tu'iuvea (M), 2016 D'jessy (M), 2015 N'Guessan (F), 2015 Chem's (M), 2014
N'Khany (M) 2012 Manec'h (M).

<humor>If only someone had told them it’s not necessarily an apostrophe but
can be U+02BC or U+02BB in some of these.</humor>
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