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Ah! Yes�� That is a battle I gave up a long time ago. The database here can only handle ASCII. I have stopped trying to get the systems people here to convert the database to UTF-8.

A few days ago I asked the systems people if they were going upgrade their MS mail server to handle non ASCII email addresses such as my Chinese email address. I will not go into details but basically they have no plans to support non ASCII email addresses.

Further to my challenge:

Before I set the below challenges to the students I described a possible scenario.

<start scenario>
Imagine you are responsible for a website with a backend database. This website provides financial management for a number of extremely wealthy clients. These clients are from many different parts of the world. If you cannot be bothered to get their names correct you could easily offend and hence lose clients. Just losing one client will be a huge loss in revenue for your company.

My advice is: Learn the correct forms of their names in both the Latin script and the native script. Store both forms in your backend database.
<end scenario>

André Schappo

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But your outgoing "From" address doesn't seem to have an accent!?

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Talking of typing names correctly. Few people bother to type the acute accent in André.

This academic year, for the first time ever, I gave the following challenges to my web programming class of 143 students. I gave these challenges in the first lecture.

①  learn how to write my name correctly on your desktop computers and mobile phones
② whenever you email me, ensure you write my name correctly

I am pleased to report that the majority of this class now do type my name correctly when emailing me ��

André Schappo

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My apologies for the typo. There's no excuse for misspelling someone's name (especially since I live in Switzerland, and type German every day).

Thanks for calling my attention to it: the doc has been updated.



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> Regular American users simply don't type umlauts, period.

Not even the president of the Unicode Consortium when referring to
Christoph Päper:



�� �� ��
André Schappo

�� �� ��
André Schappo

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