superscripts & subscripts for science/mathematics?

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. . . and do Russians still do mathematics?

I guess not, since there is no Cyrillic counterpart to the AMS extensions

also, chemists sometimes like to put a superscript over a subscript
will that still have to be done using rich text?
or maybe we need another extension . . . ?

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 > ‘The intended use
 was to allow chemical and algebra formulas to be written
 > without
 > Unless wrong, apart from  disagreement,
 it's clear mathematics word
 processing software is useful, but not a reason to not
 > almost-complete set of basic
 superscripts & subscripts ((super|sub)scripts)
 > for relevant alphabets used (English,
 Greek, perhaps Hebrew, latter two
 > which
 were in my original post subject line, but I likely
 accidentally used
 > link I received to
 delete pre-moderated post.)
 Mathematics written in Arabic notation use
 Arabic-Indic numbers and
 Arabic letters and
 they can occur in superscripts and subscripts as
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