Proposed Expansion of Grapheme Clusters to Whole Aksharas - Implementation Issues

Richard Wordingham via Unicode unicode at
Mon Jan 22 20:41:00 CST 2018

On Sun, 21 Jan 2018 22:34:12 -0800
Mark Davis ☕️ via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:

> The ZWJ Virama sequence is already provided for by the combination of
> GB9 & GB9c. But not the ZWNJ. If we want to handle that, it would
> mean the addition of something like:
> GB9d: × (ZWNJ ViramaExtend* Virama)

I don't think we need ViramaExtend* here.  The seqeunce should be
followed by a base consonant, so there's no way for another mark to
sneak in.

Incidentally, I think ViramaExtend would be better named as NSExtend,
with 'NS' for 'non-starter'.


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