superscripts & subscripts for science/mathematics?

David Melik via Unicode unicode at
Sun Jan 21 00:15:35 CST 2018

I don't know if this was discussed, but it'd help 
scientists/mathematicians if all Greek and Hebrew were available as 
superscript & subscript.  Mathematicians use certain such letters in 
standard notation of important expressions/formulae (superscript π in 
Euler's Identity, subscript base π, superscript א in cardinality of real 
numbers, etc.)... actually we use all Greek letters, and since a few 
Hebrew (since 1800s) have standard mathematical meanings, more are used 
for variables.  After any such alphabets' letters are used, the rest are 
considered normal/standard to use in standard script, superscript, and 
subscript, for any educational usage, and future standard notation.

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