Printed versions of Unicode v1 through v4 available

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Sun Jan 7 18:32:47 CST 2018

If you don't know what to do with your books (any kind), go to your local
public library to give it there, or give it to a school, they may interest
students. Such books are rarely found in primary schools but this may
insterest them to get some supports and the earlier versions are simpler to
sudy than recent versions and not all children have a suitable Internet to
work with in better conditions than a poor smartphone.
Yoy should only drop dialy newspapers or old magazines.
Even students could use them for creating art and would be amazed to
discover that there are more scripts than what they think or learn or may
find interests in learning foreign languages because of these books.

2018-01-07 1:08 GMT+01:00 Paul Hoffman via Unicode <unicode at>:

> Greetings. I am cleaning out my closet, and have printed versions of TUS
> v1 through v4 that I'm no longer interested in. If you want them and are
> willing to pay postage (US media mail rates are lowest), send me a note
> off-list. Otherwise, they will go the way of so many things in this world...
> --Paul Hoffman
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