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Fri Aug 31 00:20:34 CDT 2018

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> Given NamesList.txt / Code Charts comments are kept minimal by design, 
> one couldn’t simply pop them into XML or whatever, as the result would be 
> disappointing and call for completion in the aftermath. Yet another task 
> competing with CLDR survey.

Please elaborate. It's not clear for me what do you mean.

> Reviewing CLDR data is IMO top priority.
> There are many flaws to be fixed in many languages including in English.
> A lot of useful digest charts are extracted from XML there,

Which XML? where?

> and we really 
> need to go through the data and correct the many many errors, please.

Some time ago I tried to have a close look at the Polish locale and
found the CLDR site prohibitively confusing.

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