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Andrew West via Unicode unicode at
Wed Aug 29 03:32:57 CDT 2018

On Wed, 29 Aug 2018 at 05:07, via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
> Yes, as Richard says when CJK Zhuang text is displayed vertically whilst
> the Zhuang characters in Unicode remain upright, but those with PUA
> codepoints are rotated 90°.

John, you did not explain by what mechanism you were trying to display
vertical PUA Zhuang text.

I can display vertically-oriented PUA-encoded CJKVZ ideographs in
vertical layout in web pages using CSS, as demonstrated in this test

The PUA characters display with correct orientation under Windows 10
on the Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers. The test page only fails
under IE, but we are not meant to use IE anymore anyway.


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