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Mon Aug 27 16:20:26 CDT 2018

> > That sounds like a non-conformant use of characters in the U+24xx block.
> Well, you are an expert on these things and I do not understand as to with
> what it would be non-conformant.
A conformant process must interpret ⓅⓊⒶⒹⒶⓉⒶ as the characters ⓅⓊⒶⒹⒶⓉⒶ and
not as a signal to process what follows as anything other than plain text.

What you are proposing is a higher-level protocol, whether you realize it
or not. Unfortunately your higher-level protocol has a serious flaw in that
it cannot represent the string "ⓅⓊⒶⒹⒶⓉⒶ". Also, seeing a bunch of circled
alphanumeric characters in a document ⓘⓢ◯ⓕⓐⓡ◯ⓕⓡⓞⓜ◯ⓤⓝⓞⓑⓣⓡⓤⓢⓘⓥⓔ.

There are plenty of already-existing higher-level protocols (you mentioned
one: XML) that could be used to provide information about PUA characters,
and they are all much better suited to that purpose than what you are
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