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James Kass via Unicode unicode at
Mon Aug 27 15:31:08 CDT 2018

Peter Constable wrote,

> That sounds like a non-conformant use of characters in the U+24xx block.

Non-conformant?  Well, it's probably overkill anyway.  A simpler
method of identifying which PUA convention is being used for a file
would be to either have the first line of the file being something
like [PUA00001] or to have the file name be something like
MYFILE.TXTPUA00001.  Where "PUA00001" equals the CSUR.  Other numbers
(PUA00002, PUA00003, etc.) for other PUA conventions.

If a user has thousands of files using PUA characters, and all the
files are using the same PUA convention, why would each file need to
contain metadata for each PUA character used within?  (Rhetorical)

The "prior agreement" part about PUA usage means the user would know
in advance how to display the text properly.

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