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> > I already provide this myself for my uses of the PUA as well as the
> > CSUR and any vendor-specific agreements I can find:
> >
> >
> I would prefer to see the data in a repository, so others can can
> comment and contribute.

That is actually my intent for the future. Though it's not quite ready yet:

That's the data in a "pre-compiled" form; it's turned into a "proper"
PUADATA directory using this script:

As for "any vendor-specific agreements", do MUFI and LINCUA qualify?

I certainly do want to see MUFI and LINCUA provided in this form, but I put
them in a different category along with CSUR. I basically have three
categories of PUA agreements:

Fonts - PUA assignments specific to a font family, e.g. Constructium,
Fairfax, Nishiki-teki, Quivira, Junicode, etc.

Public - PUA agreements meant to be widely used, e.g. CSUR, UCSUR, MUFI,
LINCUA, etc.

Vendors - PUA assignments meant to be used by a single vendor or platform,
e.g. Adobe, Apple, etc. but also Linux, MirOS, etc.

Thank you for those links by the way. I had tried to find charts for MUFI
in the past but had somehow been unsuccessful.

> Of course there is no way to get software to use this information.
> What kind of software do you have in mind?

Unicode-related utilities, text editors to start with. You pretty much hit
the nail on the head with uniname and emacs as examples. :)
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