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>> You make a confusion: I do not propose "hacking" existing codes, but
>> instead adding new codes for private variations. It's then up to PUV
>> sequence authors to choose an appropropriate base character that can
>> have the properties they want to be inherited by the private-use
>> variation sequence, or to choose a base character that will provide
>> some reasonnable reading if rendererd as is (by renderers or fonts
>> not implementing the pricate viaration sequence, give nthat they will
>> also append a symbol for the PUV itself after the standard character).
> Variation sequences cannot be used to add new characters.  Most PUA
> characters are used to represent new characters.  A
> standard-conformant private variation sequence would generally achieve
> the same effect as could be achieved by a font feature (typically one
> of the cvxx, though possibly one of the ssxx),

This is a typical but IMHO obsolete perspective. Fonts are for
*rendering*, new characters and variants are more and more often needed
for *input* of real life old texts with sufficient precision.

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