Private Use areas (was: Re: Thoughts on working with the Emoji Subcommittee (was ...))

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Tue Aug 21 05:01:56 CDT 2018

On Tue, 21 Aug 2018 08:53:18 +0800
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> On 2018-08-21 08:04, Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode wrote:

> > Still, maybe it
> > doesn't really matter much: your special-purpose font can treat any
> > codepoint any way it likes, right?

> Not all properties come from the font. For example a Zhuang character 
> PUA font, which supplements CJK ideographs, does not rotate
> characters 90 degrees, when change from RTL to vertical display of
> text.

Isn't that supposed to be treated by an OpenType feature such as
'vert'?  Or does the rendering stack get in the way?

However, one might need reflowing text to be about 40% WJ.


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