Unicode 11 Georgian uppercase vs. fonts

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Tue Aug 21 01:50:39 CDT 2018

(from 2018-07-27)

> Michael Everson responded,
>>> If members of the Georgian user community want to consider this a stylistic difference, they are free to do so.
>> It isn’t a stylistic difference. It is a different use of capital letters than Latin, Cyrillic and other scripts use them.

suppose that english was written with a bicameral script, but english
users only used the upper case letters for emphasis.  in other words,
personal names (like bela lugosi), place names (like bechuanaland),
and book titles (like "the bridge over the river kwai") would always
be in lower case.  if someone needed to emphasize something by
SHOUTING, they would use all-caps to make this stylistic distinction.
if english users called upper case "harcourt" and lower case "fenton",
there would be no earthly reason for them to consider switching from
fenton to harcourt to be anything other than a stylistic difference.

along comes a consortium with script experts and computer encoding
experts who rightfully determine that the difference between harcourt
and fenton is actually a casing difference, even though the english
writing system does not actually use casing in a manner consistent
with other bicameral scripts.  so the consortium, tasked with breaking
down elements of text for computer entry, exchange, and storage,
encodes the english script as a casing script.

would that action by the consortium alter my perception (as a typical
member of the english user community) that the difference between
harcourt and fenton is simply stylistic?  HECK, no!

the same applies to georgian.  or any script.  whatever the consortium
does for computer text processing purposes should NEVER be interpreted
as an effort to make the users change their perceptions of their OWN
writing systems.  we've been through this kind of thing before, with
tamil as a notorious example.

best regards,

james kass

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