Thoughts on working with the Emoji Subcommittee (was Re: Thoughts on Emoji Selection Process)

James Kass via Unicode unicode at
Mon Aug 20 09:09:21 CDT 2018

Leo Broukhis responded to William Overington:

>> I decided that trying to design emoji for 'I' and for 'You' seemed
>> interesting so I decided to have a go at designing some.
> Why don't we just encode Blissymbolics, where pronouns are already
> expressible as abstract symbols, and emojify them?

Emoji enthusiasts seeking to devise a universal pictographic set might
be well-advised to build from existing work such as Blissymbolics.

I think William Overington's designs are clever, though.  Anyone who
has ever studied a foreign language (or even their own language) would
easily and quickly recognize the intended meanings of the symbols once
they understand the derivation.

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