Diacritic marks in parentheses

Christoph Päper via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Aug 4 11:51:54 CDT 2018

Arthur Reutenauer:
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 03:41:47PM -0700, Mark Davis ☕️ via Unicode wrote:
>>       Ein⁽ᵉ⁾ A⁽¨⁾rzt⁽ⁱⁿ⁾ hat eine⁽ⁿ⁾ Studenti⁽ᵉ⁾n gesehen.
> “eine⁽ⁿ⁾ Student⁽ⁱ´ᵉ⁾ⁿ gesehen”.

I certainly would not advocate to go to such extremes. My issue was with putting parentheses at the level they belong, which would, instead, yield something more like

    Ein(e) A⁽¨⁾rzt(in) hat eine(n) Student(e/i)n gesehen.

This is not how it would be actually used, though. Those short forms are mostly used outside proper prose, e.g. in diagrams, tables or forms.

Belated thanks to Marcel Schneider for pointing me to the Unicode 7.0 character I had somehow failed to find, U+1ABB COMBINING PARENTHESES ABOVE (not used in the samples above).

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