RFC 8369 on Internationalizing IPv6 Using 128-Bit Unicode

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2018-04-03 21:57 GMT+02:00 Richard Wordingham via Unicode <
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> Ultimately, the number of literate species will grow as the cube of
> time.
Do you realize that litteracy level has already started to shrink (replaced
by audio/images/videos) including in most developed countries, and that
areas where it is still growing a bit are in the poor developing world
within its rather small middle class that can access to education, largely
influences by those that control the network media?
The rest is connected now to the Internet via cheap mobile devices to just
look at videos and send basic emojis over social networks as the only mean
of communication, but not as a mean of learning...
So I have serious doubts about your statement of growth as the cube of
time; if this was ever true in the past, then the trend for de-litteracy
will also evolve at the same rate, and people will then no longer need
Unicode at all as they will no longer need to interchange text they can no
longer decipher.
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