Assamese and Unicode.

Martin J. Dürst via Unicode unicode at
Tue Sep 5 04:52:49 CDT 2017

Sorry for the long delay of this answer.

On 2017/08/24 07:35, David Faulks via Unicode wrote:
> It appears that the Indian government will submit an 'Assamese' proposal.
> Since everything I know about Assamese Script indicates that it is basically the same as Bengali and the Unicode Assamese controversy is derived entirely from a sub-nationalistic fit over character and script names, I expect that this proposal will not be accepted.

The best thing to do is to have lot's of content in Assamese in Unicode. 
This will show that things just work.

This reminds me of the 1990ies, where many "experts" in Japan were 
complaining that Han Unification would destroy Japanese culture, but 
where writing this using software that used Unicode inside, thus 
providing a proof to the contrary.

So the best thing to happen is to have this discussion in Assamese 
rather than in English, because then people eventually will see that 
there's no problem.

Regards,    Martin.

> However, 'popular nationalism' will probably be used to attack Unicode then.
> David Faulks

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