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hmmmm.... I think the only way we can resolve this "X page Unicode book" issue is to recruit an infinite number of monkeys  ����������。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。��️

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The entire Unicode can also be printed onto a single page if you use a very huge paper coupled with smaller font size! ​I think a football field sized paper could possibly do the job?

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You may find amusing ��

André Schappo

You're wildly off in your page count.

The "book" part of Unicode (Core Specification) alone is 1,500 pages. I haven't looked at the single file code charts in a while, but I believe you get at least that number again. Then add the dozen or so "Annexes" for a few hundred additional pages and be happy that nobody prints the Unicode Character Database (or the Unihan Database for that matter).


Yes, I agree, my page count is much lower than it should be for Unicode, if I was being literal. I was being figurative rather than literal. I was just making a point to the ASCII developers/programmers and ASCII Academics ��

Prior to tweeting I did consider other numbers. My considerations included 1000, 5000 and 10000. But in my mind "Unicode is a 500 page book" seemed to flow better. I don't know why.

Actually, it probably for the best that I wrote "500 page" because otherwise ASCII developers/programmers and ASCII Academics would not even start reading the Unicode book if they thought it was (say) 5000 pages long.

Let's now look at it literally and here is a template "Unicode is a X page book".

My guess would be "Unicode is a 10000+ page book"

Anyone care to estimate X?

André Schappo

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